Machinery and Equipment

Our well-equipped range of machines means it is possible to complete all processes in-house.
New machinery and equipment are introduced almost every year, and our capabilities increase year by year.

NC Router

By moving the blade according to the input data, we can perform various processes such as cutting shapes, hollowing out grooves, and finishing edges.
Other kinds of processing can also be carried out by changing the shape of the blade.

NC Router hollowing out grooves
NC Router

Laser processing machine

Machines that engrave and cut using the heat of a laser beam.
Precise engraving and cutting increases the value of the goods.

Laser processing machine
Precise engraving and cutting

Inkjet printer

Inkjet printers that can print in full color.
We can print directly on the wood with photographic-quality precision.

Inkjet printer
photographic-quality precision

List of Machinery and Equipment

From basic woodworking machines to custom-made machines that are only available at Daiwa Sangyo, we are equipped with nearly 100 machines and instruments, large and small.

  • NC Router-1
  • Laser processing machine-2
  • Inkjet printer-2
  • And many other machines.